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HUGE Group provides over ten kinds of global major stock index contract for difference (CFD) for the investors. CFDs could reflect the price changes of stock or index, and provide profit or loss brought forth by price changes, without actually owning the stock or index futures. 

Short-term sales, long-term purchase

Because what you invest in is the changeable stock index price but not the actual holding of stock index, so buying and selling could be conducted in real-time, instead of waiting for the stock index settlement, you could earn profits using the opportunity of price fall by selling short of the stocks. Hence a CFD investor would earn profits through short-term trading in no matter the bull market or bear market. 

Real-time trading confirmation 

CFD allows real-time trading, which is different from the trading under some market situation needs to be waited for. 

Margin tradingleverage ratio 

Trading CFD only requires the cash deposit, but not paying the full amount of trading. This enables you to efficiently use your asset, you just need to pay a little part of the trading amount as the cash deposit, in order to participate in the market, and control your portfolio, seize the opportunity. 

High efficiency, low trading cost

Compared with stock and futures, the cost of CFD trading is relatively lower, you just need to pay the spreads as commission charge. If you hold positions overnight, the interest will be calculated by day.