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How can I open a real account?

You could open your account online, which is convenient and safe. 

Application for opening an online real account (please fill in it according to facts)

Submit the opening approved documentary  (the approved documentary  must be identical to the application account information)

Note: You will be required to verify your registered email address so as to make sure you would receive the related email notifications such as account opening and trading. 

What approved documentary shall be provided to open an account?

Proof of Identity: ID card (front and back sides)/passport/driving license 

Proof of address: bank statement (must be paper bills sent by banks)/public utility bills (water, electricity, gas or land line bills)/credit card bills/household registration 

Note: proof of address you provide shall be issued within three months, the documentary evidence of address must contain your name, and address in the document must be identical to what you write in your application in opening account. 

No print E – statement is accepted. 

Format requirements of document: 

Color and clear scanners or take photos of the related documents by mobile phone/digital camera. 

document size shall not exceed 2M

What payment methods could I choose if I want to deposit capital to the trading account?

You could choose telegraphic transfer or Union Pay payment 

NO commission charge for withdrawal or deposit by Union Pay payment

Telegraph the deposit, we will wipe the commission you are charged by the bank out in your MT4 account. 

Commission for telegraphing withdrawal will vary from bank to bank. 

Is there any commission for depositing capital?


What is the trading time of foreign market? 

The foreign exchange market is a global trading market which is never stagnant within 24 hours in five days a week, from Sunday 22:00, the Greenwich Mean Time (when the Asian market opens) to Friday 22:00 (when American market closes), you could buy and sell foreign exchange online according to your own habits.  

What is Forex?

In a word, the Forex market, which is also known as “Foreign Exchange” is the financial market with the largest scale and most liquid in the world, whose trading volume per day is about 4 trillion US dollars

Foreign exchange trading is currency trading of a country. 

What are spreads?

The price differences between buying price and selling price. 

for instance, quotation of EUR/USD is 1.2910    1.2913, so the spreads are 3 points. 

What is point? 

it means the minimum quote fluctuation for interest rates or exchange rates

Does the trading platform support MAC version?

Yes, the trading platform support MAC version. If you don’t use the Windows-system computer, you need to activate the Market Java Trader platform. 

Does HUGE charge commission or transaction fee?

HUGE do not charges any commission or fee for your trading. It only charges the service fee by the price difference between buying price and selling price. 

Will there be intermediaries to host my investment?

No, HUGE will not host accounts for the clients, for it might cause the conflict of interest. In order to be 100% fair to each client, we have always thought for the profits and interests of the clients, we will not manage capitals for the clients. However, although you have to manage your account by yourself, we will allocate an experienced client manager for you in order to provide all helps you need. 

Will HUGE withhold tax from my account?

HUGE will not withhold tax from the client’s account. Clients are responsible and obliged to pay taxes according to the local laws. 

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