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Important trading information: please make prudent investment decisions according to your capital conditions and investment objectives. There are certain risks in the trading market of the foreign exchange market, hence please take your investment objectives, experience levels and risk preferences into careful consideration before you decide to participate in CFDs or currency trading.  Please do not put all of your capital into one investment. Your previous trading performance cannot indicate or guarantee future results.


Please pay close attention to market volatility foreign exchange risk, which includes but is not limited to possibilities of political or economic situation changes which might seriously influence the currency price or liquidity; whats more, capital amplification characteristics of CFDs and foreign exchange trading mean that any market change will produce effects of the same proportion to your funds deposited. This change might be favorable or adverse to you; your loss might exceed your initial capital, and you will have to deposit extra capital to maintain positions. If you fail to satisfy the requirement for additional cash deposits within the prescribed time, your positions will be cleared, and all losses generated thereby will be borne by yourself. However you can reduce your risks by adopt the hedging strategies such as stop loss or stop limit order etc.


Considering the possible risks caused by software and hardware faults, network operation-based trading software program, which includes but is not limited to all kinds of software, hardware faults, HUGE applies backup systems and contingency planning, and tries best to reduce the possibilities of system obstacles. Whats more, a phone trading system can also be adopted.