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Multi-account management


From now on, Huge will release multi-account management software, which is especially designed for the simultaneous real-time management of several trading accounts. The trading function is similar to that of MT4, with the additional function to manage several accounts. The user can make equal distribution according to the proponent of each hand, or make distribution based on the free margin ratio, the total transaction amount of each order and the pre-set transaction volume, The platform of multi-account management is an ideal account management software for the capital managers with corresponding qualifications.

Huge Group multi- account management software for foreign exchanges takes the MT4 client as the designing blueprint to enable the capital manager to manage all capitals and transactions of the customers’ account within one platform. The capital manager can choose to make transactions for one or several trading accounts simultaneously, including placing trade orders, resting orders, change orders, the set of stop-profits and stop-loss, as well as the common trading functions of some parts in one close position or the whole close position. Besides, the software also has the function of flexible report forms, which makes it convenient for capital managers to manage the account.

Huge Group multi-account management software for foreign exchanges enjoys extreme security and has the encryption and security protection for the login of the trading account and the data of real-time transactions, to ensure that the transaction data can be delivered accurately to the transaction server

The advantages of the multi-account management software:

• Simple and convenient operation, with only one click is needed to add/delete the account with in the account list
• Released officially by MetaQuote, with no fees required
• Able to trade for one account, or multiple accounts on the same trading order
• Multiple accounts exist independently, and are not affected and related to each other