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Precious metal trading means when the investors are optimistic about the precious metal market they would earn price differences by buying low and selling high, or it could be a hedging trading they take to keep the value preservation or increment of asset when they are not optimistic about the economic outlook. 

Because reserve precious metal is fixed in the world, hence it could be used as a value-hedging tool. Precious metal has pretty good hedging functions, and it could be used to resist inflation, meanwhile gold is prevailing all over the world and difficult to be controlled in the market, hence it’s not easy to cause phenomenon of crush.  

Gold margin trading is the most important and popular gold investment tool in the current market, by using gold CFDs, investors could be saved from the expenditures in physical gold trading such as custodial fees, storage fees, insurance, transportation costs and taxes, in order to reduce the extra costs of gold trading. 

HUGE Group provide various kinds of precious metal trading categories, which including gold, silver, palladium, platinum etc. 

HUGE Group provides the T+0 trading mode which could be used to repeat positions or close positions on the same day. There is no limit on trading strategies.  

Help you to lower threshold by the 100 times lever. For instance, the current spot gold quotation: 1210.30/1210. 60 the contract value of trading one standard hand is 121060USD (1210.60 USD/ounce*100 ounce), only 1210.60 USD of cash deposit(contract value121060/100 times lever) needs to be invested by using the 100times lever