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Invest energy product has become one of the fast-developing markets, investment of crude oil and natural gas futures ,among these products, is the most common and convenient method to enter the high-growth market, besides, many companies with energy products also use crude oil futures to hedge the price change risks of their current products. 

HUGE Group provides high recognition and large turn volume energy CFDS products , so we could provide open and transparent price for our clients, and meanwhile provide two kinds of trading categories including spot crude oil trading and futures trading for the investors, which respectively are Brent Crude oil and USA West Texas Intermediate.

Lever is as high as 1:100

Help you to lower threshold by the 100 times lever. For instance, the current spot gold quotation: 1210.30/1210. 60 ,the contract value of trading one standard hand is 121060USD (1210.60 USD/ounce*100 ounce), only 1210.60 USD of cash deposit(contract value121060/100 times lever) needs to be invested by using the 100times lever   


T+0 two-way trading

 HUGE Group provides the T+0 trading mode which could be used to repeat positions or close positions on the same day. There is no limit on trading strategies.