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HUGE provides good development opportunities for powerful Introducing Brokers (IB). Our IB plan has provided strong support for brokers、traders and industry participants in establishing and developing foreign exchange or stock trading business. Introducing customers to HUGE , you will have the following advantages


Many companies and individuals have established good broker-introduction business with HUGE Ltd.


HUGE Ltd is responsible for various expenditures as well as maintaining the customer service system、 trading software and 24 hours’ trade consultation.


A large part of the business volume of HUGE Ltd depends on broker introductions. Hence we pay more attention to the relationship with IBs, and support them in terms of administration and resources, so as to guarantee that you will receive remuneration in full on time.


You can submit accounts to HUGE, and can also build your own brand.


You can submit client information to HUGE, and ask us to assist in the account opening work, or you can use our white platform to label it with your own company brand. IB can choose any method in order to develop business smoothly and provide satisfying service for clients.


In HUGE, you can effectively arrange a business development program. HUGE can help you at any time you need.


You can Log in to the online report system, check the trading activities and account details of clients.


As the top company in the online trading consulting industry, HUGE has a strict financial supervision system, and it is strictly supervised by New Zealand FSP.





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