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Cooperative partner plan is a branch business of HUGE, if the financial intermediaries want to provide real-time foreign exchange trading for their value enterprise clients or individual clients, “Senior Cooperative Partner Plan” could customize solutions for the financial intermediaries to boost trading service. High cooperative partner project of HUGU could provide the efficient and cost effective financial products for financial intermediaries, and provide various OTC financial products rapidly; this is helpful to maintain client groups、increase revenuedevelop new business.

Differences between senior cooperative partners and white label service partners:

Senior cooperative partners could use HUGE brand to promote their own trading business.

Senior cooperative partners must have their own client groups, and the total net assets shall not be lower than five million US dollars.

HUGE is responsible for training the employees of the senior cooperative partners, and enable them to use the most advanced technologies in foreign exchange trading, and skillfully master the operations of back ground and middle ground.

Senior cooperative partners of HUGE will hold all of its client capitals, directly process trading for clients with our top technology system.

HUGE provides real-time middle ground and back ground management program for senior cooperative partners, at the same time it could assist their offices and branch agencies in trading with the clients.

As the senior cooperative partner of HUGE, you will own tiny spreads、convenient interface designtempting commission and bonus systemconvenient withdrawal method and various deposit ways. 

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