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Foreign exchange trading means the currency of one country is exchanged with currency of another country, that is to say, selling out (buying in) currency of another country at the same time of buying in (selling out) currency of one country. Foreign exchange is trade in currency pair, for instance: Euro/US dollar(EUR/USD), US dollar/Japanese Yen(USD/JPY). Foreign exchange market is the world’s largest financial market, with the participants including central banks in all countries, commercial banks, enterprises, financial institutions and retail investors. According to the data presentation provided by bank of international settlement in April 2013, the average daily trading volume of the global foreign trading is about 5.3 trillion US dollars.  

Continuous trading within 24 hours, two-way trade

Forex market is divided into Asian plate, European plate, American plate; continuous trading market within 24 hours generates since the opening on Monday in Sydney, Australia till the closing on Friday in market of New York, USA. 

High liquidity, open and transparent

Average daily trading volume of the foreign exchange market is up to 5.3 trillion US dollars, it is the world’s largest financial market. Compared with traditional markets such as stock, futures, it has much larger markets, and the huge trading volume makes it difficult for certain bank or institution to control price of the market. 

Low trading cost, high leverage 

There are no high commission charges for foreign exchange margin trading, in most circumstances, foreign exchange is no-load, and the trading cost is just the price difference between buyer and seller. Levers could be flexibly selected which could be as high as 400:1. 

MT4 trading form of HUGE Group provides over 50 kinds of currency pairs; we call the former currency in the currency pair base currency and the later quote currency (for instance: EUR in EURUSD is base currency, USD is quote currency).  

Currency pairs of straight plate, cross plate

In the international convention, we call currency pair containing US dollar straight plate, for instance: EURO/USD, USD/JPY etc. we call it cross plate when no US dollar appears in the currency pair, for instance EURO/GBP, GBP/JPY etc.